Quick Tips For Preparing Courtroom Graphics and Animations

Quick Tips For Preparing Courtroom Graphics and AnimationsThe use of visual aids, coupled with good public speaking skills work hand-in-hand to give credible and convincing courtroom presentations. The style of speaking, amount of preparation, subject and several other factors can all effect how successful the speaker will be with his audience. Establishing your visual aids might feel a bit frustrating for some and for others might be a very enjoyable event to help get the creative “juices” flowing. In either case, special attention should be paid to how you will deliver a courtroom visual and why you need to show it in the first place.

In today’s world, courtroom graphics are almost always computer generated, except in the case of items such as enlarged photos or other hand-drawn sketches. The fact of the matter is that Jurors expectations have changed. The general acceptance and common knowledge of the internet, computers, software and digital media has completely changed the playing field when it comes to jurors’ expectations for the quality of courtroom graphics and animations.

Far too often, people like to

What Makes a Great Movie

zzThe designation of “great” is highly subjective when talking about movies, but there are a few elements that almost everyone can agree are important. This Buzzle article takes you through the factors that go into making a great movie.

The Award winning Schindler’s List

Representation Of Movie Schindlers List
The movie Schindler’s List is based on the true story of a businessman Oskar Schindler, who saved the lives of more than 1,100 Jews during the Holocaust. It is a testament for the good in all of us. The movie has won seven Oscars, seven BAFTA Awards and three Golden Globes.
The world of films is extremely competitive. One may have a great idea for a movie, but if it is not made in a proper way, chances are high that the movie won’t even be noticed. So, what should follow a great story idea is an equally good script and dialog. Movie stars are adored by millions. However, the movies that they are in don’t always shine as brightly as they do on the red carpet. So a strong star cast and some great acting are important factors contributing to

Entertainment for Children

Child happy birthday party .

If you’ve ever spent any time with children, let’s say roughly around the age group of 3-6, you’d know that they are easily distracted and they need constant entertainment. Coming up with different ways and techniques for the same can get tough even for the seasoned player, which in this case is a person who spends a lot of time with children. Parents who have kids of this age are often baffled about how to keep their kids busy through entertainment and how to keep inventing newer methods in children’s entertainment all the time. That is where this article will help, cause it gives you some forms of entertainment that you can use and keep the kids engaged. Continue reading for some tips and ideas.

Entertaining children can be looked at in two ways, if you ask me. There’s entertainment for pure entertainment sake and then there’s entertainment that helps in child development by teaching them different concepts of life while entertaining them.

Arts and Crafts
Different forms of kid’s crafts make for some of the best entertainers for kids. This

Graphic Tips for an Editor’s Digital Portfolio

Now that most people have switched to the cyber highway, emailing a digital portfolio makes perfect sense. Even the print media and art galleries have gone electronic with the changing times. Sending work via email is acceptable. Since nothing is printed on paper, it is also a great way to save the environment. What’s more, visually it helps the client to understand the level of graphic designing the professional is capable of handling. When a client understands the creativity of the designer, it is easier to trust him with a photo-editing job.

So what is the best way to prepare the digital portfolio?

Photoshop software is an excellent medium to develop an attractive resume. A good way to begin will be use the right images with optimum sizes-i.e

Width: 1600 pixels

Height: 2000 pixels

Resolution: 200 (images)

Background Color: White (or any other tone)

Whatever stage of his career, the editor should focus on quality of work rather than quantity. It simply means there is no need to introduce to the client projects done in the sophomore years (unless they are praiseworthy and have won awards). Varied kinds of editing

Learn More About Graphic Design

It is a very popular thought that visuals work better in communicating a specific message than mere words. Graphic design works exactly on this principle. It is a medium to communicate your ideas and concepts to a targeted audience. But it is just not text nor is it only pictures. Graphic design is a skilful and beautiful combination of both words and pictures. The advertisements in books, magazines etc are the finest examples of graphic design which are used to communicate a precise message. This is an effective medium of visual communication.

Graphic design is an art in which you can create ideas, concepts and experience using the textual as well as the visual content. It can vary from being virtual to physical. There can be many reasons for creating the graphic design like commercial purpose, for educational institutions, promoting cultural events and programmes or even for political purposes.

It is basically a creative process wherein the clients, the designers and the sign makers are the active stakeholders. They come together to conceptualise and visualize a sign, symbol, word or a design that would put across their idea in a proper and effective way. The

Basic 7 Rules For Good Graphic Design

1) Don’t reinvent the wheel for the sake of being different: There’s a reason for most design rules beyond taste and opinion. If something is tried and true, and it works, don’t change it without a very good reason.

2) Start with good idea: Polishing a bad design will only go so far. It takes dozens bad ideas to come up with a one good one. Don’t fall in love with your design only to have to justify it to your client. Be willing to throw ideas out and restart.

3) Brainstorm your ideas: Share your initial designs ideas. Even if you don’t use any of the input, just talking about the options and explaining your work will spark new directions for you. Know your own feelings, the reasons why you did something, about the design and be clear with yourself about what works for you and what doesn’t.

4) Make sure to design for your target audience: This is so obvious, and yet, so many times I have seen inappropriate design elements, colors and fonts in a design targeted for a specific group. The design for a concert poster for children’s play will

How to Create Your Own Music Video

Everyone has some indelible memories of albums and music videos; images that stay with them forever. For me, there are some music videos that can never be forgotten, like Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Beastie Boys with Sabotage, Losing My Religion by R.E.M., etc. Of course these musicians and music bands have been on my playlist forever, but the music videos have had more of an effect.

Growing up the art of creating your own music video seemed like a distant dream. But today having learned film-making and editing, I know that making a good music video is all about proper planning and a lot of creativity. If you are trying to get a foothold in the music business and want to make an impression on honchos in the industry but are worried about the costs then do not despair. Making a music video is actually child’s play.

The Steps to Follow

The most important thing that you need to do is to decide on the soundtrack. If you have your own band and the video is going to be a means of promoting your own music, then there is hardly a decision to be made. But in case this process of creating

Different Careers in Music

Jobs in the music industry are many. This field provides a wide scope for enthusiasts to use their musical talent in earning a living, by making a career out of music. This article throws light on the different careers in music.

Earlier, the field of music was limited to self-amusement or maybe performing for small groups. But nowadays, as the music industry is expanding, those with a flair for music can harness their skills and earn good money. The music industry has many different and interesting jobs to offer. Advanced technology has led to advancements in music. And this too has played a role is making music a field worth building a career in. When a musician performs on stage or has an album out, the credit for his success goes to many others working with him. There’s a huge team of technicians, musicians and artists behind every music release. Such is the size of the music industry and so many are the career opportunities there. Careers in music are both enjoyable and remunerative, but one needs to know that these jobs in the music industry demand a great amount of hard work. In the following section of this

Disc Jockey Job Description

Regarded as one of the coolest professions of the present, a DJ is the life-giver of any party. But at the same time, a DJ has to uphold the giant responsibility of making the party successful. To help you out with that, here’s some things that you need to know about the DJ business.

When Cool Herc spun his first parties in the Bronx, people knew that they were witnessing the start of something that could define generations. They were right, because DJ Cool Herc is regarded as the father of hip-hop, the one who used the turntable to accomplish impossibilities that others thought ridiculous. Now, when he started out, being a DJ wasn’t really a job. There were no auditions, no schedule, no crowd control. But today, it has all fallen into place. Being a good DJ means being entrusted with a lot of power and responsibility. Abuse it once and you may never stand behind a turntable again. You won’t be as constant as an RJ or as visible as a VJ, but you will sure as anything make people dance to your beats.

DJ Equipment

Let’s start off with a list of the main things that you need

How Has iTunes Brought About a Change in the Music Industry

in an era plagued with notorious musical fat cats who would strong-arm the competition with their stacks of greens, and the seemingly unstoppable pirates who would relentlessly steal from the artists and labels, Apple iTunes came as a godsend. Steve Jobs had a complete vision that began with the iTunes – a digital store that would provide all the music that the user wanted, and the iPods, iPads, iPhones etc., where this music could be downloaded and played.

Since its inception in 2003, iTunes has managed to completely redefine the music industry. Steve Jobs, the then-Apple CEO, literally manhandled the major record companies, extracting from them some of the most legendary deals and negotiations which completely altered the economics of music, snubbed online piracy, and did so much more.

In the following lines, we shall learn about the impact that iTunes has had on the music industry, and all the changes that it has brought about over its more than decade-long reign.

How iTunes Revolutionized the Music Industry

1) It Allowed the User to Pick His/Her Song

In the music industry, one can find many artists who are what can be best described as one-hit-wonders. Like firecrackers, they burst into the scene illuminating

Archaeology and Stone Tools

Have you ever wondered how you would know that early stone tools were of human design? This is a widespread question, for as we wander through the rooms of a natural history museum we ask ourselves several pertinent questions regarding the contents. Many of us may question who fabricated these primitive items or perhaps how old are the utensils we are looking at. These same questions have been solicited over the years by members of the archaeological community and most often they have derived some sort of equitable agreement as to an answer. Research accomplished indicates that the most common early material for tools and weapons was stone. Now the only question remaining would be whether these artifacts were created by humans or natural means.

To gather insight within these questions we would need to initially examine where they were discovered. When an archaeologist scrutinizes the remains found at an archaeological dig, they frequently unearth stone substances which appear to be made by early humans. Possibly the shape of the tool or weapon would reveal that it was created by human actions. Perhaps it can be shown that the artifact was created by means of pounding

Experience the Essence of a Culture

Listen to the arousing heart-pounding beat of the drums, now queue the reverberation of haunting falsetto singers that echo along the shores of the grand river. It’s Pow-Wow time on the Six Nations reserve in Ontario. Bordering the towns of Caledonia, Hagersville, and Brant county, the rich cultural heritage tradition of these First Nations people, known as Haudenosaunee, host an annual extraordinary event featuring over 400 lively dancers, singers, scores of traditional crafters, and over 30 unique food vendors.

Although not my home town, I had a distinct yet unique opportunity to live within and among a very deeply engrained culture rich with tradition and folklore. My mentor was my father-in-law, George Beaver – a well respected educator on the Six Nations reserve and author of First Nations books and native pageant plays, he once told me that you cannot see the wind but you can see and hear what it does; like the drumbeat of a heart, rhythm is all around us. The eyes and ears of your heart catch the waves of sound that surround us to comfort or call us into action; dance. From the snows of the Arctic, down across the vast

We The Citizens Of One Nation

I felt completely at home as I looked around the room and listened to what our facilitator had to say – a feeling that often eludes me even in my own country, a country in which I was born and raised.

Wondering why I felt this warmth, I studied my immediate environment to get to the bottom of this sensation. It was a room full of people from over twenty different countries coming together to pursue a common interest: how to create and maintain a sustainable world by applying certain principles to our various work ethics and businesses.

We brainstormed, analysed, deciphered, assembled and interpreted information and case studies, all contributing ideas and exchanging knowledge shaped by our diverse cultures, experiences and backgrounds. Many times we agreed to disagree as we all tried to convince each other to adopt new perceptions, expressing ourselves in a relaxed atmosphere with no judgement.

And then it hit me! Here we were, people from different countries, races and religion who really didn’t see borders, colour or creed. In that room, we were just people! Communication flowed without prejudice and a sweet smell of complete comfort and acceptance seemed to

The Damned Human Race

‘The Damned Human Race’ by Mark Twain is a satire on the mankind that reflects how it has ended up into a state worse than that of the animals. The writer aims to highlight the darker side of the coin of morality which according to him, like any other virtue, carries its own vices. He makes use of argumentative, cynical and indignant tones throughout his essay and shows an admirable coherence in it. The language is kept moderately easy with fairly lengthy sentences and very few jargons. His audience is the entire human race which is expected to reconsider its actions and reflect over them. The essay has successfully attracted its readers towards the purpose and is very thought provoking.

The writer tells that how his studies of behaviors of animals and humans have made him conclude that humans have descended from the higher animals. The use of irony during the comparison, in the introductory paragraph, draws the readers quite effectively. The writer then clearly describes how his conclusions are not based on mere assumptions or guesses, but indeed are the results of the scientific method. He then specifies the human race to one distinct group

Documentary Filmmaking Techniques

While making a documentary, a filmmaker is bestowed with a lot of responsibility towards his audiences because a documentary is made to throw light on a grave matter, or an issue concerning the public at large. Therefore, he has to be well acquainted with the techniques involved to better his work, or come out with a real good movie, depicting his subject properly.

A documentary film is a lot different from a typical Hollywood movie, not just in terms of making it but also in terms of its objective and purpose. Now, if a documentary were to be defined in simple language; it is a way to document reality in the form of a movie. Although the motion pictures in a documentary are carefully chosen and arranged sequentially, it is definitely not scripted or unreal. It is more to do with actuality and often includes interviews of people associated with the subject of the movie. Usually, documentary movies happen to be intense, however, there can be various other genres like ironic, amusing, absurd, shocking, inspirational or even a combination of the above-mentioned. Traditionally, the length of such films are supposed to be 30 minutes to 2 hours, however, the

Types of Camera Shots and Angles in Movie Making and their Impact

Cinema is a young art form, but probably the fastest growing one. Right from its advent, it has successfully taken its place as one of the most widely accepted mediums of story-telling. The reason why cinema is so popular and loved so immensely lies in the simple fact that it communicates with its audience audio-visually. Audio-visuals are our primary source of communicating with and perceiving the environment around us. So, a beautifully shot scene or an amazing camera movement quite successfully invigorates our emotions. This is done by aesthetically appropriate camera techniques and the suitable collocation of the shots taken. So, the grammar of cinema includes some standard shots and angles that have been used conventionally all these years. Some basic types of camera shots and angles are covered below, and a general impact they have on the viewer has been touched upon. Please note that the styles and impacts mentioned can always differ according to its use.


Extreme Long Shot
Covers a large amount of landscape or cityscape. These shots are generally called ‘establishing shots’. They are often used at the beginning of the film or in an important sequence in the film to establish a certain location.

General Impact

15 Useful Cinematography Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Cinematography is what you have seen in movies so far. Yes, we are talking about the art of motion picture photography. Cinematographer is the person behind all the creative scenes that you see in movies and videos. Are you an aspiring cinematographer too? Check out some tips and tricks of cinematography with Buzzle that will help you get that perfect shot

Cinema Trivia

In 1888, Louis Le Prince directed the first motion picture named “Roundhap Garden Scene.” It was barely two seconds in length!
And in 1895, Lumiere brothers held an exhibition of their short films that marked the birth of cinema and motion picture industry as well.

Cinematography is the heart of filmmaking, and is considered as an essential part of it. It is a way of creating motion pictures with a blend of technical ability and visually-creative storytelling. Anybody can set up a camera and start filming, but it requires skills to control the final product that the viewer will see on screen. It is completely in the hands of a cinematographer to make a film or video look good (or bad). That is why a cinematographer is also called the Director of Photography. The lighting has to be

Modeling Clay

Modeling clay! Sounds fun-filled and exciting, isn’t it? If you are in dire need to put your gyrating gray cells to a creative endeavor, then here is a piece that will assist you to do just that. Read this play-inducing piece, to learn what is modeling clay – its recipe and ideas. Mold on to promote your imaginative buds…

“The sky looks drab, the birds, as though forced to chirp, sing in monotony, the cat positioned in a snug fold, a sense of dimness, as though casting shadows of a pine tree, a guitar in a dilapidated state disowned in the room and a piece of clay … .” Well, how should I describe this one? Maybe, a piece of clay lying in the corners of darkness! Another way to describe could be “a piece of clay molded to create sculptures of variegated colors, and textures. The later sounds more creative, am I not right. Well, modeling clay is pure fun, this is the only activity that dances on your tunes, indeed!


What Is Modeling Clay?
Different Types of Modeling Clay
How to Make Modeling Clay
Modeling Clay Ideas

What Is Modeling Clay?

Modeling clay refers to a set of associative ductile

Watercolor Techniques for Kids

olors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.”, was what Pablo Picasso had said about colors. Come to think of it, it is true, otherwise why would we associate green with envy or white with peace? Colors are an imperative part of our lives and this universe. Imagine if there were no colors, would a rose would have been a rose and a kingfisher without its striking blue have been the same? Great Painters have created magic with their colors and enthralled the world. Painting and drawing attributes a prime importance to colors. The amateurs normally start off with simple watercolor techniques and then graduate to advanced ones.

Easy Watercolor Techniques for Kids

Wet on Wet Technique:
Take a large piece of white paper and fold it into half. Leave one of the halves half dry and wet the other with a brush. Now, the children can experiment and play around with colors and see how the effect is different on both the halves. A dryer brush can also be used on both wet and dry sides of the paper. This is one of the best watercolor techniques to start off with.
Light Wash:
When you get a bit

Easy Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

With Easter around the corner, your kid will surely be excited about painting those Easter eggs. Easter can be lots of fun for kids as it is a great time to try out their craft skills with some simple kids’ craft ideas. Making those cute paper bunnies and colorful eggs can keep the children busy and engaged.

Apart from the usual dyeing the egg with a store-bought kit, look for some innovative, yet simple, Easter craft ideas. You do not need to spend a lot on store kits. Simple craft items easily available at home, such as buttons or permanent markers, can help your child create some really cute and fun crafts. These can be used as decoration, and the whole family can join in to make the activity thoroughly enjoyable. If you plan to spend your days leading up to Easter creating something fun and cute with your kid, then here are some simple and easy Easter craft ideas that are sure to keep him/her hooked.

10 Simple Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter Basket Decoration

Felt Easter Basket

Whether you want to store colorful Easter eggs or enjoy the Easter egg hunts, you would definitely need an Easter basket. The materials include